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"Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't have passed my IFR Checkride in my 2009 Bonanza G36 w/G1000 -- completed on May 2, 2011 at Chino Airport, CA -- without your ORGA-KNEE-ZER!

I started flying in March 2010, first getting my private pilot in a Cessna 182, and upgrading to my Bonanza G36. I have a King Air F90, too. I was never quite organized in the cockpit during my private pilot days, and really struggled when I started IFR training.

Your Scott Wings ORGA-KNEE-ZER brought everything together; organizing my Jepp Charts, Checklists, and Low Altitude Maps. I already had upgraded my cockpit's G1000 to include Synthetic Vision and JeppView Charts, but having those paper-based plates as a quick reference really make things smooth and help stay ahead of the airplane.

Keep up the great work."

Chuck Hansen
Hansen Investment Holdings, LLC
Sacramento, California (May 2011)


"It is the best kneeboard I have ever had especially for IFR. I have been recommending it to all my friends." (Model A1)

Jovic Tirona - Norwalk, CA (October 09)


"I’m an old guy just learning to fly and a long time metal worker.  You did a fine job of thinking it through and then producing a well made product. And that is not something we see a lot of any more." (Model A1-MC)

Jerry Cotter - Springfield, NJ (April 09)


"I am a flight instructor in Southern California and have tried alot of the other products out there and I am so glad that I purchased yours.  It is extremely versatile when I have to teach the VFR and IFR students.  As a firm believer in the Orgakneezer, I have always mentioned your product to my students and also let them try before they buy...Thanks again for an outstanding product!!"(Model A1-MC)
Drew - CFII (February 08)


"I got your Orga-knee-zer kneeboard for Christmas and love it -- I've already started getting it organized with all my cheat sheets and other reference materials; I have no doubt it will significantly reduce my workload simply by getting all my bits and pieces better organized."  (Model A1-MC)

Andrew Powers, Hamilton, OH - (December 06)


"I just got the board and I LOVE it so far.  I will see how it flies soon and write you a report...Thank You!!!!!"  (Model A1-MC)

Tom H., student pilot nearing checkride - (November 05)

"Just wanted to let you know that I love the product. In fact I have just ordered a second one! I fly in the US and the UK and rather than carry mine back and forth on each trip, I will keep one in each country set up for the specific airspace environment. ...Great product!"  (Model A1-MC)

Dan Collins, Hartford, CT and Reading, UK - (March 05)


"Outfitted the Multi-Board with checklist, a/c time log, approach charts, note paper and misc. Then left to fly several ILS approaches, holds and more approaches. In a helicopter (EC 135) its a busy cockpit to say the least, and the Multi-Board works fantastic. It was a great aid and enhanced mission safety. We will try the (A1-MC) for the Tactical Flight Officer tommorrow. I couldn't be happier. Thanks!"  (Model A1-MC & Multi-Board)

Cmdr D. Bitton, Aviation Unit Commander, Johnsburg, IL - (January 05)


"I just received this kneeboard and it is by far the smartest and well built product of its kind, congratulations!"  (Model A1-MC)

Mark Spiegelman - (September 04)


"I just received my A1-MC kneeboard today and used it during flight.  I am a student pilot, and I have been searching for a kneeboard that suits my needs and my future needs, and thanks to you, I have found the best kneeboard I have ever seen. It is built very well with strong materials and will last a long time.  I do have a couple suggestions…  Thanks for your ingenious work, and a great product!"  (Model A1-MC)

Emmett McCormick - Seattle, WA - (June 04)

Later comment: "I am sure the price may be a turn off to some, but once they try your products, they will see that it is worth every penny.  I couldn't be happier.  Thanks again." 


"Just got it from AvShop.  Opened the box at the office and even non-flyers admired the workmanship.  Can't help but admire the ingenuity that went into this design.   I will make some mods, for sure, but just to personalize it.  Can't wait to take it up both on VFR and IFR flights.  Well done."  (Model A1-MC)

William - San Diego, CA - (Oct. 03)


"I've found the A1-MC to be such a help during single pilot IFR. . . especially in the busy airspace here in San Diego and up in LAX's class B.  It's the next best thing to a copilot.  Thanks for such a great product, and more importantly, for standing behind it!"  (Model A1-MC)

Andrew Morrison - San Diego, CA - (Sept. 03)


"Just letting you know that your A1-MC is THE kneeboard. Received yesterday from Avshop and used for the first time today. Great product and job very well done.  I wish you full success." (Model A1-MC)
Laurent Djandjighian - French pilot working in Cincinnati, OH - (Sept. 03)

"I received my J1 with Jepp book a couple months ago. . .  What a great product...especially with the way I have my Jepp book organized for my flying.  It looks as though I've found the 'last' kneeboard, chart holder, etc. I'll ever need.  Thanks." (Model J1)

Van Gurley - Southbend, IN - (July 03)


"I have finally had a chance to use my Multi-Board in the aircraft and it is a joy to use. . . I am extremely pleased with your product and wish you all the best in marketing it around the world." (Multi-Board TM)

Julie-Anne Pelland - Ontario, Canada - (June 03)


"Works great. . . keeps me organized . . . Very functional." (Model A1-MC)

Jim Long - Lisle, IL - (June 03)


"Quality!  Appears perfect to me.  Thank you!" (Model A1-MC)

Larry Ball - Bainbridge Is., WA - (May 03)


"Compact, fits well on knee, like the hinge system and ability to put charts in rings." (Model A1-MC)

Douglas Webster - Chicago, IL - (May 03)


"Neat, configurable, comfortable - very usable.  Thank you!" (Model A1-MC)

Gary Turner - Moss Point, MS - (May 03)


"My kudos to you for the world's finest kneeboard I have ever seen or used!. . . The craftsmanship and quality of materials used are superb . . . the best I have seen in my 40 years of flying!  You are a true perfectionist." (A1 & A1-MC)
Dale R. Machalleck - Chicago, IL (April 03)
Master CFI & Ground Instructor
FAA Safety Counselor - Great Lakes Region

"Compact, comfortable, room for all I need to fly VFR/IFR."  (Model A1-MC)

Jay P. Nassau - Harrisburg, PA - (Jan. 03)


"I'm glad you are having a success with your product.  It really is a quantum leap forward for lap orga-knee-zers." (Model A1)

Jim Casper - Vallejo, CA - (Oct. 02)


"I like how solid it is...even fell off the top of the (aircraft) with just a little dent."(Model A1)

Gary Peterson - Wheaton, IL - (July 02)


"It's easy to use and being made out of metal, easy to write on, and organizing is very nice. . . I believe it's the best chart holder I've ever had." (Model A1)

Walter C. Reddel III - Frankfort, IL - (July 03)



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Marty Scott

Scott Wings, Inc.