Designer of the ORGA-KNEE-ZER TM

About Scott Wings, Inc.

Scott Wings, Inc. was formed by Marty Scott, an engineer and pilot, who found the existing aviation kneeboard products lacking in many respects. After hearing stories from fellow pilots about the various weaknesses in available kneeboards and the "wish list" of features for a truly better solution, he began his quest...

After a year of development, involving multiple prototypes, extensive pilot feedback and much appreciated advice and assistance, the ORGA-KNEE-ZERTM was created. 

The Patented design, novel features, rugged construction and high quality of the ORGA-KNEE-ZER TM had an immediate appeal to those pilots and pilots in training who strove for the very best in cockpit resource management.  And yes, many suggested it was "very cool" as well.

The ORGA-KNEE-ZER TM Model A1-MC was available at your favorite pilot supply shops for many years, but has been discontinued. However, a limited inventory -s still available at Marv Golden Pilot Shop, on-line.

AirVenture 2002 Booth - First Day in Business
(Marty Scott on left, Rusty Radle on right)

Scott Wings' goal is to produce the best aviation organizer/kneeboard solution, placing function, quality and style ahead of cost. The ORGA-KNEE-ZER TM is certainly more expensive than the majority of kneeboard products. 

However, when pilots are asked what they would take away from our organizer/kneeboards, the answer was "don't take anything away, that's what sets the ORGA-KNEE-ZER TM apart from all the rest."

You be the judge.

Marty Scott - President

Scott Wings, Inc.