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Flying Magazine -

The May 2003 issue of Flying Magazine included an article featuring the ORGA-KNEE-ZER  Model A1-MC, entitled "Getting Organized in the Cockpit" by Jay Hopkins.  The A1-MC was the only kneeboard design that enticed him to retire the kneeboard he had been using for over 25 years.  Thanks for the compliment Jay!


AOPA Flight Training Magazine and eFlight Training -

The October 04 issue of AOPA Flight Training Magazine included the ORGA-KNEE-ZER  Model A1-MC in their "Pilot Products" section.  It was also included in their July 23, 2004 eFlight Training on-line issue...great for emerging pilots.


Plane and Pilot Magazine -

The June 2006 issue of Plane and Pilot Magazine included the ORGA-KNEE-ZER  Model A1-MC in their "10 Coolest Cockpit Gadgets" Buyers Guide. Thanks Jessica and P&P!

The April 2006 issue of Plane and Pilot Magazine's eNewsletter included theORGA-KNEE-ZER  Model A1-MC in their "Product Previews" section and invited Scott Wings to participate in their "Win This" promotional giveaway. I hope it gets good use.


Patent Issued -

US Patent 6,662,733 has been issued in recognition of the novel approach taken in the orga-knee-zer design.  We are very excited about this and are glad we can offer pilots innovation in age-old kneeboard design. 


AIRSHOWS - EAA Airventure / Sun 'n Fun

Please check out the ORGA-KNEE-ZER  Model A1-MC in the booths of some of the larger pilot shops at these great airshows.

It's a great opportunity to see for yourself why the ORGA-KNEE-ZER  is:

"The Obvious Choice for Discerning Pilots ...

Seeking Better Cockpit Organization"

Marty Scott (left) and Rusty Radle (right) 
at AirVenture 2002